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Harjo Pasveer
Vocal Coach in Rotterdam,
Specialized in Vocal Technique.

Harjo Pasveer

Harjo Pasveer has obtained a wide experience concerning Vocal- and Artistic Development, working with individual singers as well as with choirs and musical organisations.

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The Workshops and clinics for choirs given by Harjo Pasveer are very popular, not only in Holland.

If you are interested, it would be wise to contact Harjo a half year previously by way of the contact-form on the website.

Media attention

Harjo is regularly asked to voice his vision on using your voice and teaching vocal technique at Radio and Television.

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching & Masterclasses

Harjo Pasveer teaches Vocal-Technique at the Jazz-, Pop and Worldmusic Departments at CODARTS Rotterdam and The Academy for the Arts in Utrecht, Netherlands. Next to this he coaches professional singers, several of them nationally and internationally well known. Also he coaches singers that have to get back on stage after vocal problems, such as damaging the vocal chords. In this he works closely together with ENT-doctors.

Because of his unique approach Harjo is often asked to give workshops and masterclasses in the Netherlands and abroad.

Harjo also works outside the music-department, for example at the Law-Department of the University of Leiden, Netherlands. There he coaches law students in how to use Voice and Presentation in delivering their speeches.

From the 3. to the 11. of Juli 2015 Harjo will again teach vocal technique at The Kurt Thomas Course for Conductors in Utrecht, Netherlands. For information and applying go to

Classical Singing lessons are given by Marga Ockhuijzen, Contralto.
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